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Successful Project of Chipshow Leopard HD P1.9 in Security Monitoring

Recently,Chipshow HD indoor product LEOPARD series was successfully installed and passed the Acceptance Check in Xin Fang Reservoir Control Center of Pu’er city in Yunan Province.Officials there showed deep compliment to its smooth video play and outstanding visual effect.

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Chipshow Net Series LED Display is Honored to Win the iF Design Award

Recently, a great news cheers all the Chipshowers up. That is Chipshow Net Series won the iF Design Award. As one of the competitive products designed by Chipshow, Net Series has proven its strength and charm to the world.

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Chipshow In CPSE Beijing 2016

CPSE Beijing 2016 has witnessed a number of new technological products and applications, from smart glasses, facial recognition to drones. Chinese security industry has become more inclined to the concept of intelligence. In this expo, Chipshow demonstrated its new Leopard small pixel pitch series, further contributing to the Chinese security industry.

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Join China Public Security Expo (Beijing) 2016 with Chipshow

China Public Security Expo (CPSE) 2016 will be held in Beijing 25-28, October. Chipshow will demonstrate its Leopard Small Spacing LED Series. Chipshow CPSE CPSE has been successfully held 12 sessions; it’s a multi-angle spotlight for China security industry’s achievements and a technical exhibition for new products and new technologies. CPSE has become one of the most important high-end security industry exhibitions domestically and internationally.

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Shanghai International LED Exhibition Opening Ceremony, Chipshow"Net series" cal

The Twelfth Shanghai International LED Exhibition was launched in Shanghai New International Expo Center on September 19th, 2016. Attending the exhibition with RGB-Link, Chipshow brought its "Net ser

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Shenzhen Chip Optech Co. Ltd and RGB link Technology Co., Ltd.will meet you in

The LED China Exhibition will be held in Shanghai from September 19th to 22th in 2016. Chipshow will attend the show with RGBlink together

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