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Guide to Finding the Best Outdoor LED Display Installation Company

2017.02.26 chipshow

  Are you thinking about purchasing a new outdoor led display or in the process of purchasing one? Before you move forward, make sure you do some research and purchase your sign from a shop that can properly install and service the sign.  Chipshow Outdoor LED Display
  Finding the right installer
  Taking time to find a good outdoor led display installer is worth it – and will ultimately save you time and money. Here’s two industry leading websites that can help you:
  “Leading source of comprehensive sign-industry news, technical information and in-depth analysis since 2006. Our Chipshow LED's mission is to educate and inspire signage and graphics professionals worldwide through award-winning editorial perspectives, technology updates, new product reviews, one-of-a-kind Electric and CAS/Commercial State of the Industry reports, graphics techniques and much more.”
  “Signsearch is the largest engaged Network of sign companies and industry suppliers in North America. We are also a trusted resource for both end-user buyers that need signage services and local sign companies looking for trade supplier products.”
  Choosing the installer
  After you have found several led sign shops that sell and install outdoor led signs it is important you ask them the right questions. It would be good to find companies with substantial experience in planning, placement and installation of outdoor led signage.
  1. Licensing
  Electrical sign installers should be licensed in the state or city they provide services in. This allows them to get the correct needed signage permits.  To verify the license, check with the signage installation company.
  2. Sign Installation Equipment
  It is preferable that a sign company owns their own trucks, cranes, equipments, etc. and have on staff installation crews. If a company owns their own equipment this typically means they are serious about led sign installations.
  3. Insurance
  Having a general liability insurance coverage is vital as well. This is a means of protection in case something goes wrong or an accident occurs. To be sure, always ask for the latest copy of their "certificate of liability insurance."
  Before you receive your quote make sure every install company includes the following information on their led sign quote.
  Site Survey: Before doing the quote they should stop by your busiess and physically see the location you want the outdoor led sign. This site survey will help them identify all of the technical details of the possible installation (measurements, power, monument install costs, etc.)
  Local City and or State Permits: This is to identify the kind of local permit required for having a led sign and the cost involved in pulling the permit.
  Always check the final quotations numbers and technical details before making a decision. Ensure that the outdoor led sign installation cost is reasonable and that you undertand every line item in the quote. If you don’t understand any line items make sure to ask and all verbal agreements are listed in the written quote.

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