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Chipshow | C-Lite-D and C-Smart Europe Tour

This trip to Europe mainly visited Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona cities, All kinds of shape and colorful led display can be found everywhere in Lisbon's shopping malls.

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Chipshow 150m2 rental screen for 2019 National Day celebration in Southeast Asia

Chipshow 150m2 rental screen for 2019 National Day celebration in Southeast Asia,Chipshow C-Lite-D rental series adopted by this conference, High refresh rate, high-definition image quality, and ultra-high contrast ,won satisfication from customers.

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New Generation of C-fit is more Outstanding

C-Fit series is cost-effective : it can be used for fixed installation for advertising; Add trusses, connectors and quick locks can be used for rental; with rubber sleeves and brackets can be used for stadium perimeter screens.

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Chipshow|HD C-Lite-D Rental Display Showed on Animal Reproduction International Seminar in France

September 10th to 13th,2019,Animal Reproduction International Seminar was held in Rennes, France successfully, the LED screen used on the seminar is C-Lite-D P3.91 indoor rental display that is provided by Chipshow.

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Chipshow LED display gives Romanian million concerts a new vitality

As people's aesthetics of art continue to improve, the demand for music has begun to develop in a comprehensive direction of audio-visual integration.

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Chipshow|Releasing new commercial LED display-C-MAX

In response to the ever-increasing demand for LED display in commercial field, Chipshow launched the C-MAX commercial LED display and held a new product launch in showroom on Sep 2nd,2019.

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