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Chipshow Rental C-Lite-D

C-Lite-D is the fourth-generation rental product,It has achieved breakthroughs and innovations,Especially in maintenance and use. Cool design, modular signal and power control,power supply and receiving card integrated in the back cover of the cabinet,which can be independently plugged in and plugged out;

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Chipshow assisted the Peruvian Pan American Games

The 18th Pan American Games and the 6th Pan American Paralympic Game were held in Lima, capital of Peru from July to September,2019. This is one of the most important Olympic and Paralympic sports events.

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Chipshow C-Lite series have a wide range of applications

Chipshow C-Lite series LED display, the scope of application is not limited. From the rental event to the streetside advertising led display, Fullest display the function of C-Lite which reflect its merits of higher cost performance.

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Paris College Conference Hall was light up by C-Pad

Since the launch of Chipshow C-Pad with ultra-fine pixel pitch series, it has attracted countless attentions.From the design concept of products to the practical application, it has received unanimous praise from customers.

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Chipshow LED display lighting Romania Bucharest Symphony Orchestra

From June 30th to July 6th, 2019, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra opened a "music holiday" in Piatra Neamt, Romania. The Symphony Orchestra is one of the most famous symphony orchestras in Romania.

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Chipshow|"Shenji People's Love Night" was successfully held on Singapore TV

On July 7th ,Sian Chay Medical Institution, founded in 1901, held the "Shenji People's Love Night" TV fundraising party for the first time since 100 years ago. The party was hosted by President Hallima of Singapore.

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