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Rising Online star in sports and games---- Repeat order of 1000sqm C-fit product from our regular clients

Chipshow, one of the comprehensive manufacturers of middle and high-end led displays, just received a repeat oder of around 1000sqm stadium led displays from our regular clients in Middle East, which proved that our c-fit products enjoy great popularity in the market.

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Chipshow C-Pad series small spacing products won the Gold Award

2018 The Beauty of Made In China presentation - Chipshow optech C-Pad series small spacing products won the Gold Award.

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Chipshow C-Pad series small pixel pitch led display helps large-scale security projects in the west

In order to cope with the opportunities and challenges of the rapid development of modern information technology and enhance the ability of urban security, the public security emergency command system emerged as the times require, which provide reliable and effective means for achieving rapid response and command decision-making.

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Chipshow’s ventilation LED billboard fearless hurricane "Mangkhut" struck

Chipshow’s ventilation LED billboards has been installed in costal area in China and none of them was destroyed in this storm, attributed to its extraordinary features of ventilation.

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New upgrade of C-Fit series, becoming the first choice for overseas customers

The main reason for customers' favor is mainly its lighter and thinner characteristics: 15 kg/m2 lighter than conventional iron cabinet, 20% thinner than conventional cabinets, which Save transportation space, reduce transportation weight and reduce load-bearing requirements for construction and steel structures.

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Chipshow Outdoor flagship LED Signs:Smart Module Series

Smart module series has flexible on screen dimension:640mm*320mm,the users can make it any size of screens,which is an intelligent,stable and environment friendly product

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