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ISE2019 Chipshow hope to greet you in Amsterdam!

Shenzhen Chip Optech Co.,ltd will attend ISE international AV systems integration exhibition from 5th to 8th February 2019.

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Good news, Chipshow C-Vent series won the bid overseas

Our South American sales elite team said, C-Vent P25 led strip display won the bid overseas on December 27th.

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Chipshow won the "Top Ten Brands of Digital Signage" in 2018

Chipshpw won the "Top Ten Brands of Digital Signage" Award in 2018 in DAV Digital Audio Visual Engineering Network and "Digital Audio Visual Engineering" magazine's "Top Ten Brands of Digital Audio and Visual Engineering Industry" CN4121017002.

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Chipshow insists on quality and finally obtains a provincial government project

Chipshow HD LED display C-Pad series P1.5 settled in a provincial government project on December 18, 2018, It is used in high-end conference rooms of the provincial government, mainly for high-end conferences, video display, and negotiation for important meeting.

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Chipshow mobile media vehicle car LED advertising screen

Chipshow has customized a mobile media on-board screen for a oversea customer. The media on-board screen is a stable and convenient LED advertising screen.

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Brand promotion, you still lack a high-quality LED screen

LED display as the most "fashionable" high-tech equipment in recent years, how can the real estate industry without LED display? So what value can LED display bring to the real estate industry

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