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Chipshow LED display lighting Romania Bucharest Symphony Orchestra

From June 30th to July 6th, 2019, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra opened a "music holiday" in Piatra Neamt, Romania. The Symphony Orchestra is one of the most famous symphony orchestras in Romania.

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Chipshow|"Shenji People's Love Night" was successfully held on Singapore TV

On July 7th ,Sian Chay Medical Institution, founded in 1901, held the "Shenji People's Love Night" TV fundraising party for the first time since 100 years ago. The party was hosted by President Hallima of Singapore.

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Mobile Trailer Led Screen in Oklahoma ,USA

With the strong growth of demand in the advertising market, driving trailer advertising continues to penetrate, LED mobile trailer screen is booming.

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Chipshow C-Lite lights up the church, making the ancient and solemn even more resplendent

Chipshow C-lite P3.91 LED rental led display lights up in a North America church. During operation, the LED display performance very stable and very good show effect,

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Summer is coming, is your led display ok?

The biggest challenge to the outdoor LED screen is in the summer time. Humidity and high temperature are the main problems.

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Good news! Chipshow C-Easy Products Overseas Bid Winning

Good news! Chipshow C-Easy Products Overseas Bid Winning,Recently, Chipshow European sales received an order from Spanish customers.

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