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600㎡ ! Chipshow Wins C-Smart Brick LED Display Big Overseas Order

Beginning of May, our European sales team have good news. They signed big order with German and Dutch clients , nearly seven million.

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Chipshow C-Lite rental led screen is highly praised by Japanese clients

This C-Lite rental led screen was installed in high-end banquet in Japan in 2017 .Client is super satisfied with its stunning performance and shows his sincerity to continuous work with Chipshow.

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C-Smart Open new era for screen without frame

C-Smart is a product independently developed by our company. The C-Smart can be assembled into a display without frame. module size is 640*320mm, ultra-thin design, wall-mounted, front and rear maintenance, IP65 waterproof level.

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Multi-culture and commercial complex practical choice -Chipshow C-pad-U

The culture industry commercial complex is based on cultural production, focused on featuring cultural experience, cultural leisure and cultural business. Creative industry as extension, cooperated with exhibition business. and administrative office, integrated commerce, other service industries, and residential complementarity. Integration of pan-cultural industries

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High effective in Rental business with Chipshow C-Lite-D

Stable and practical,Brilliant effect.High effective in Rental business with Chipshow C-Lite-D,April 30, 2019 . Chipshow New Product Announcement was held in Chipshow’s show room . Sales department ,marketing department and technology support department attended this Announcement.

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Chipshow C-Smart Open new era for theater screen without frame

Chipshow C-Smart led display is aimed at high-end and high definition application situation.

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