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Shanghai International LED Exhibition Opening Ceremony, Chipshow"Net series" cal


The Twelfth Shanghai International LED Exhibition was launched in Shanghai New International Expo Center on September 19th, 2016.

Attending the exhibition with RGB-Link, Chipshow brought its "Net series" P3.91 to public.


Chipshow in Shanghai LED Exhibition

LED China ,as a "weathervane" in the world’s LED industry ,not only attracted companies from the whole LED industry chain , but also attracted customers from all over the world. In the first day exhibition site was full of people.

Chipshow "Net series" LED display was mounted on the center of the booth, the most visible position, wit hRGB-Link’s video processor to complement each other. With clear picture and stable operation, "Net series" LED display attracted batches of professional traders.


China Shanghai LED Exhibition

"Net series" LED display is developed to make up to the demands of the rental market. As the first modular LED display in the industry, its power supplies ,receiving cards and other accessories  can be replaced separately and quickly and it only need 3 seconds to do the maintenance .

This feature is ideal for rental products which requires multiple assembly and disassembly."Net series" successfully attracted the attention of many foreign customers in the exhibition site .  They are very satisfied with “Net series " because of its smooth lines in the back, independent plug, user-friendly  long handle design and quick installation.


Shanghai LED Exhibition

Batches of clients have shown their initial intention of cooperating with Chipshowduring the exhibition. And Chipshow will keep satisfying clients with competitive

products of high quality.

The exhibition will last 3 more days .More surprises are coming soon.

Welcome to our booth. Our booth number is E1-C32

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