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Join China Public Security Expo (Beijing) 2016 with Chipshow


China Public Security Expo (CPSE) 2016 will be held in Beijing 25-28, October. Chipshow will demonstrate its Leopard Small Spacing LED Series.


CPSE has been successfully held 12 sessions; it’s a multi-angle spotlight for China security industry’s achievements and a technical exhibition for new products and new technologies. CPSE has become one of the most important high-end security industry exhibitions domestically and internationally.


In recent years, the LED screens have been more and more implemented in security monitor applications. Especially the small spacing LED displays have become the top choices for security industry due to their HD graphics and outstanding color representation.

Chipshow will be demonstrating their front maintenance wall mounted design Leopard Series: P1.9 LED Display. The small spacing Leopard Series products can perfectly replace the LCDs, giving them an unchallenged advantage in areas such as conference system or security monitoring applications.

The small spacing Leopard Series can truly achieve front maintenance, any module batteries can be installed or uninstalled at front. One of the biggest advantages of front maintenance is saving maintenance space and non-gap wall mounted installation, more than meeting the demands of security monitoring.

If you wish to know more about our Leopard Series, please come to our booth E3X41 in the exhibition. We have prepared experience areas for the Series and all clients are welcomed. 

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