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Chipshow In CPSE Beijing 2016


CPSE Beijing 2016 has witnessed a number of new technological products and applications, from smart glasses, facial recognition to drones. Chinese security industry has become more inclined to the concept of intelligence. In this expo, Chipshow demonstrated its new Leopard small pixel pitch series, further contributing to the Chinese security industry.


Excellent Production

As a leading security industry provider, Chipshow impressed CPSE 2016 with Leopard small pixel pitch series P1.9 and its according industrial solutions.

As the world’s first front maintenance LED wall mount screen, Leopard series has always been praised by many of Chipshow’s clients, and its small pixel pitch feature has made it even more competitive.

The HD display of Chipshow LED screen attracted the attention of many visitors, especially so in the product experience area. The features such as fast installation, front maintenance and magnetic suction module have left quite an impression on our audience.


Our CEO Wu Xiaogang has made it to the expo and helped demonstrate our products. Mr.Wu has made discussions and conversations with our many visitors and clients and made sure their needs and demands are attended.

Mr.Wu’s professionalism also made an impression on every member on Chipshow. Every product from Chipshow has been thoroughly tested and qualified

It’s also the reason why Chipshow has earned our customer’s trust over the years, only fine products can tell our clients how much we care about them.


In the expo, Chipshow has received lots of visitors from overseas with definitive demands; they are very knowledgeable about LED industry from products to solutions.

After learned much about our Leopard series, they all extend their intentions of partnership.

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