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Chipshow Net Series LED Display is Honored to Win the iF Design Award


Recently, a great news cheers all the Chipshowers up. That is Chipshow Net Series won the iF Design Award. As one of the competitive products designed by Chipshow, Net Series has proven its strength and charm to the world.


Honored as the Oscar of international industrial design, the iF Design Award is one of the most professional and famous awards. With a history of more than 60 years and famous for its evaluation standard—independent, precise and reliable, the iF Design Award is regarded as one of the most important design competitions worldwide.

It’s the reveal of Chipshow’s strength and the appreciation of Chipshow’s innovation that Chipshow Net Series won the iF Design Award. We are proud to say the Net Series is designed all by our own! At the beginning, the Net Series is designed under the concept of innovation to break the common rules of the LED rental dispaly industry. After continuous testing and improving, the Net Series finally comes to be what you see—beautiful in both appearance and function.


When designing the appearance, Chipshow engineers took the match of LED rental display and its applying scene into full consideration. So that the Net Series owns the elegant shape and smooth outline, which brings customers the joy of beauty. Chipshow engineers hold high standard to themselves. They strive to be precise at every detail. With unique protruded anti-collision design at four corners of each cabinet, all the LED modules could be protected at the most degree. There is special arc, scale and chain design on the LED cabinets sides, from -15°to +15°, any arc-shape is achievable. Otherwise, the longest humanized handle with rubber cover makes the Net Series convenient and comfortable to operate.

When talking about function, Chipshow Net Series could be named as an outstanding example in LED rental display industry. For Net Series, accessories are originally created to be able to fast maintain in this industry. Power supplies and receiving cards can be replaced separately and quickly, even in 1 second. That means without professional engineers, anyone could operate and maintain the display. Thus the maintenance cost is reduced a lot. Each cabinet has a power button. When a cabinet malfunctions, just press the power button to power it off and maintain, without affecting to other cabinets.Net Series cabinet is easy and fast to assemble with a multi-function fast lock, combining function of self-holding, connecting and fine adjustment together. The LED cabinet is equipped with Chipshow’s own control system. There is an advanced gravity sensor design in the LED cabinets. Pictures can be auto-rotated along with the LED cabinets, which is first seen in the industry. Net Series is able to realize single module calibration, auto calibration and auto adjustment of the seam, ect.


In a word, Chipshow Net Series has both elegant appearance and excellent function. It can fully meet customers’ requirements of rental LED display. It is a combination of beautiful shape and technical innovation, which well solved the problems of rental LED display in assembling, installation and maintenance. Net Series will bring new changes to the rental LED display industry.

It’s a kind of appreciation to Chipshow’s innovation that Net Series is honored to win the iF Design Award. Good design always aims to service the society. Only by combining excellent innovation concept with strict manufacturing craft can create the greatest value.

Chipshow will soon exhibit the Net Series LED rental display (indoor/outdoor) to bring you more excellent experience in 2017. For more details, we would like to sincerely invite you to visit our booth.

ISE at Amsterdam on Feb 9th, 2017 

Chipshow Booth No.: 8-K210

ISLE in Guangzhou on Feb 15th,2017

Chipshow Booth No.:9.2-B07

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