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Successful Project of Chipshow Leopard HD P1.9 in Security Monitoring


Recently,Chipshow HD indoor product LEOPARD series was successfully installed and passed the Acceptance Check in Xin Fang Reservoir Control Center of Pu’er city in Yunan Province.Officials there showed deep compliment to its smooth video play and outstanding visual effect.


It is said that Xin Fang Reservoir is a multi-purpose hydro engineering with irrigation as the focus,anti-flood and generating power as the complementary.Two Thirds of the water supply in Si Mao District rely on it.The responsibility of the center includes compiling and conducting flood control solutions and assisting flood control and drought relief,rescue and relief work,shockproof of water engineering.

This time the center chose our HD indoor series LEOPARD P1.9. This screen will give a lot of help on the following parts:

1. Real-time Monitoring. It works whole-day long to give a all-rounded presentation of the panorama of the reservoir.Operators can control all data in real time and make respective solution for its hydrological changes to guarantee the promptness and controlling power. 


2.Aid Decision Making. It clearly shows the collected information of the system in a simplest and object way which benefits the decision makers to quickly understand the situation and analyze the solution result to make right decision.


3.Video Meeting System. It makes the controlling and governing work high efficient with video meeting system, bettering the communication and joint and damage control in emergency events.


The perfect combination of Chipshow LEOPARD and the controlling center forms a informationization solution and push it into a intelligent management generation which is scientific and high efficient and convenient.


Chipshow LEOPARD series has beautiful appearance and stable performance. As the first wall-mounted front service indoor HD display, it saves room and maintenance troubles.It will be the ideal choose in fields like governing, video meeting and studio.

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