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  • C-Pad1.2

    Leopard Series:The first front maintenance design for HD Indoor series in the world.Fast plug-in/plug-out,Perfect 16:9 format,Four cabinets screen is exact 55”No need steel frame, mounted to the wall directly.Same video source as LCD;Power supply and control card can be replaced in front after you attract modules out.

  • C-Net3.91I

    NET series Led Display:Power supplies and receiving cards can be replaced separately and quickly, even in 1 second.The LED cabinet can be maintained separately with power off, without affecting the work of other cabinets. Fast lock connection, quick and convenient,Capable of self lock, connection and fine tuning,Curve angle -15º ~15º

  • C-Sharp5

    Black King kong LED Display:Cabinet size is 960mmx960mm,the seams are reduced more than 50% and smoothness increases by leaps and bounds.Simplify the installation and maintenance: If familiar with one, you should master the whole. This can reduce the difficulty of marketing, engineering, training, maintenance and can reduce the workload.Standard production in a faster and more flexible way is possible because we have reserved standard general cabinets and the shipment can also be made rapidly.

  • C-Easy16

    Dule-maintenance LED Display:Front or rear maintenance option,Energy Saving≥50%, Environment Protection,Free Back Service Path, Excellent Display Effect,IP65, Fast Installation and Maintenance,Flat and Backup Solution

LED display can achieve the purpose of environmental adaptability test

2015.03.02 chipshow
  A) determine the product of the resistance to environmental stress work limit and damage limit, provide the basis for design.
  B) look for systemic defects. Early in the product development and production, due to the design and specification of all relevant documents problems caused by the defects, such as improper material selection, considering the environmental stress or work stress and reality caused by hidden dangers, such as with environmental stress extreme value maximize design flaws will be stimulated, provide information for improving design.
  C) to demonstrate the effectiveness of corrective actions.
  D) verify product environment adaptability, provide decision-making basis for product can finalize the design.
  E) verify the production equipment, manufacturing technology guarantee for product environmental adaptability.
  F) to eliminate residual defects. Product development, production, handling, transport, storage and installation process, often there are some hidden dangers caused by accidental factors, structure, component damage, these factors are often referred to as residual defects caused by defects. For this kind of defect, the environmental stress screening or aging methods can be used to eliminate.
  G) provide the basis for reliability design products and information.
  H) to provide the basis for the reliability test for the product. Due to the product's reliability index based on other quality index, therefore, only when the product through the performance test and environmental adaptability test and after passing to reliability test.

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