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The design of rotating LED electronic display technology difficulty

Rotating LED display as a new type of LED display, with its low cost, wide visual unique advantages, also more and more get people's attention. The core of the rotating LED display technology lies in the accurate control of outdoor LED display position and luminous state synchronization. led electronic display analysis the principle of rotating led electronic display screen is not complicated, its hardware structure is relatively simple, but in order to keep the rotating outdoor led display can stable set of images or text, several technical problems need to overcome problems in respect of design:

1. The shortage problem of the brightness of the display screen, due to the working principle of spin outdoor LED display screen made compared to the ordinary plane outdoor LED display, show that each column is much less time, so the brightness will decrease greatly.

2. The problem of a rotating screen. Working in the system, the control circuit as the motor rotor rotation, thus to spin and outdoor LED display control circuit to provide a stable power supply has the certain difficulty.

3. The problem of horizontal rotary screen showed ghosting. Because the rotary screen cylinder is realized by using a single outdoor LED display rotation scanning image display, which makes like number displayed in the viscous, appeared on the transverse form ghosting phenomenon.

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