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  • C-Net3.91U

    NET series Led Display:Power supplies and receiving cards can be replaced separately and quickly, even in 1 second.The LED cabinet can be maintained separately with power off, without affecting the work of other cabinets. Fast lock connection, quick and convenient,Capable of self lock, connection and fine tuning,Curve angle -15º ~15º

  • C-Sharp10.67

    Black King kong LED Display:Cabinet size is 960mmx960mm,the seams are reduced more than 50% and smoothness increases by leaps and bounds.Simplify the installation and maintenance: If familiar with one, you should master the whole. This can reduce the difficulty of marketing, engineering, training, maintenance and can reduce the workload.Standard production in a faster and more flexible way is possible because we have reserved standard general cabinets and the shipment can also be made rapidly.

  • C-Easy8

    Dule-maintenance LED Display:Front or rear maintenance option,Energy Saving≥50%, Environment Protection,Free Back Service Path, Excellent Display Effect,IP65, Fast Installation and Maintenance,Flat and Backup Solution

  • C-Vent10

    Ventilation LED Display:Ventilated & Light-proof, Energy Saving≥50%,4 Types Standardlized LED Module, Excellent Display Effect,IP67, Fast Installation and Maintenance,Firm, Flat and Backup Solution.

How can I sell more products using an outdoor LED Sign?

2017.03.27 chipshow

  Every one knows that outdoor LED signs get noticed and attract attention but it doesn't stop there. Even with great content, flashy images and graphics, the LED sign will be useless if it's not accompanied by a message that prompts the audience to act.
  ◎ Extra Large Soda $.99
  ◎ Like our Facebook Page!
  ◎ Community Fundraising Event at 1 pm!
  ◎ New Arrival: Sweater!
  The messages above fall flat and will surely fail to create action from your viewers.
  Avoid the common mistake of simply pushing out information without considering if you're getting the results you need. Content which lacks a call to action will only make the audience forget your message when they've passed by your outdoor LED sign.
  Try changing the content so they have a call of action:
  ◎ All value meals come with Extra Large Sodas for only $.99
  ◎ Like us on Facebook for a FREE $10 voucher!
  ◎ Be part of the community. Join the Fundraising Event at 1 pm!
  ◎ Buy this sweater today at 10% discount!
  Just by simply changing or adding a few words, you can create an effective message. It draws the audience to your message. Good wording engages with traffic, and helps your message stick.
  What is a "Call to Action"?
  A "Call to Action" is a directive or command that tells the viewer to respond and take specific action. To motivate a response, the call to action should be clear, short, straight to the point and easy to read. It must be convincing enough to prompt viewers to take action instantly.
  This strong call to action is an essential part of a digital signage. It compels the audience to respond in a favorable way. It's a strategy. Without telling your audience to take action, you won't know if your outdoor LED sign is working effectively.
  Strong Call to Action
  A "Call to Action" can be as simple as sending them to the website to purchase tickets to inviting them to be a member to gain exclusive VIP access.
  You can consider content with a corresponding offer. For instance:
  ◎ Stop in today and receive a limited-time discount on all winter tires!
  ◎ Like us on FACEBOOK and a receive a special gift!
  ◎ Order today online and receive free shipping plus 10% off your order!
  The next time you put a message on your outdoor LED sign, make sure it has an effective call to action and stresses urgency. If it doesn't, chance your monologue into a dialogue. Include attention-grabbing and trigger words such as limited time only, exclusive, receive, free, extra, etc.

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