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Chipshow Promise 10% Off If China Beat Iran in the Regional Qualifying Round of 2018 World Cup


In March 28, Iran time 16:00pm and Beijing time 20:00pm,will see our Chinese national football team against Iran team away,who ranks first in Asia currently.


At a long time the offical weibo of Chinese football team put sticky post expressing its“Sorry”to fans. But on March 24 when many a fan said they forgived the team to cheer it up, the weibo manager replied with modesty: Today we said this“Sorry”to the lottery buyers.

In the last qualifing round in Changsha Helong Gymnasium, China beat Korea 1 to 0. It is the first time in history that China defeated Korea in the qualifying round of World Cup.This vistory breaked the image that China couldn’t beat Korea in football game.Many even joke about it by saying “Even China wins the football game, is there anything impossible?”


China’s manufacturing industry is facing a unprecedented challenge now. First one is the rising of labor cost and the materials cost relatively.In the forth season of 2016, most manufacturers lifted the price, making cutting profits as impossible as Chinese team qualifying the World Cup.

It’s wrong to say that everything has its own destiny. Not every success is all owed to the care of fate.

Chinese Football Association hired Marcello Lippi as the main coach of Chinese national football team since October 22, 2016. Lippi is deemed as one of the top coaches in the world who led Juventus Football Club S.P.A and Italian national team and won the champions of UEFA Champions League and World Cup respectively.


When Lippi started coaching Chinese team, almost every one thinked it was like a rich parent having a Harvard professor to tutor their retarded child.It turns out that children’s education cannot be ignored.

The worldwide economy hasn’t recovered completely yet, so is the business of all the project contractors,service providers and system integrators and our End-users. The rising of the price results to less orders from clients. It is always true that client’s profit cannot be ignored.

The progress of Chinese team proved that we should believe in science, management and believe that we can make something out of nothing. Everyday evey LED factory pays a lot to purchase materials, orgniazing manufacturing,selling product, serving customers and conducting administration. With the increasingly fierce competition among factories, controlling cost became the most important and decisive factor to success.



At present, technique, quality, price and service form the 4 cores for Led display industry competition. Chipshow would like to learn from Chinese Football Team. We promise 10% discount on every product as long as China beats Iran in the qualifying round. We will try everything we can to optimize the supply chain and enforce management,adjust structure and increase effciency. Even the Chinese team wins the football game, how can we stop trying?

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