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Miracle Not Happened, What About Chipshow’s Discount Promise?


When I was 7,I caught a fly,and I thought I can touch the sky.

March 23 witnessed a breakthrough of the long last image of China never winning when come into Korea in international games. I thought Chinese football could stand up since the first victory until the night of March 28 when Iran taught us the lesson of what is a unstoppable football team.

Chipshow listed a notification after winning Korea saying Chipshow Promise 10% Off If China Beat Iran in the Qualifying Round of 2018 Word Cup. But now I the author is broken into pieces watching the words which filled with sad vibe now. The dream of all the way to the west,the Renaissance of Chinese Football, the courage that nothing is impossible fades away. When clients of Chipshow were all expecting the 10% discount that Chipshow promise to urge ourselves, Iran team broke that with a goal. The feeling was like a boy  being lured for days by a beauty,and when he can finally got her,he found she was a he.

Luckily the Marketing Department didn’t broadcast the round on our P1.58 Leopard HD display in the exhibition room, or it will be a disaster. Clever as me, it worth a standing ovation.


I the author feels quite confusing now.Let’s put the years long old topic of Chinese football’s failure of progress aside, shouldn’t we Chinese manufacturing industry build up day by day? Otherwise how can we catch up with the developed countries? How can we prepare for the coming intelligent manufacturing era? Here I would like to have your attention, my friend, our clients and all people who know us, Chipshow always keep the spirit of Honesty, rigorousness and responsibility. All the factors aside, we promised you a discount, then it will happen!


We had prepared the following:

Shortening the production period: From Feb 20 to the end of March, Chipshow will shorten the production period of high-end products.Till then, the production of HD Leopard series and rental series will take no more than 14 days. It is the second time in history to lift up the production which is a season faster than original plan.


Optimizing Supply Chain: Through analyzing the supply chain, we made it clear the problems exist already and found the way out.Ensure projects due as planning.Form project team to push forward the operation of supply chain.

Stock up bet sellers: with the price rising of materials, selling in low price is rarely seen now. After all consideration, we start to stock up 4 types of our best sellers to meet the needs.

Adding efficiency: Reorganize the position and responsibility. Maximize the efficiency of working and encourage employees.

So you know what I really what to say now? That is, even China didn’t beat Iran, we will still offer discount of 10% since the second season. Because we believe that China could win in the next 3 qualifying rounds. We will surely qualify the world cup. We cheer for China! Some peers may say it’s a trick that we had already prepared to offer discount. And I reply with a “Yes.So why don’t you cut the price too?”Today I would be a author with strong personality. Bite me?

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