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IF Award winner, “Net” series of rental screen not only discount 10% but more surprising


The sophisticated have a principle, the car and his wife will not lend.

Photographers have a principle, SLR and his wife will not lend.

Because……. I don’t want to explain anything, Please make your own brain.

In the audio-visual industry there is such a product - rental screen.


Simply speaking, it is easy to use, resistant to operation; more that is the following:

1, Sturdy: rental led display products need to be safe to install, use, transport, storage. The transport and handling of a slight bump has a strong tolerance.

2, Convenient: LED display product installation and removal to be fast, support single operation; easy maintenance; accessories, accessories, less types of identification clear. The led cabinet can be maintained separately with power off, without affecting the work of other cabinet. Power supplies and receiving cards can be replaced separately and quickly, even in 1 second.

3, Flexible: multi-batch product mix and use of the consistency and ease of adjustment is better. And different varieties can share power supply and control systems.

4, Multi-functional: 1, noiseless 2, support stacking and lifting; 3, lightweight and modular distribution box; 4, connector life is longer.

So much is enough? Let’s enjoy “NET” series:


1. The longest handle, control arbitrarily

2. Light weight with 8.5kgs/cabinet

3. Curve screen available. Curve screen available. -15°~+15° radian scale lock for options.

4. the module has bumps, alignment insert automatically

5. dual-maintenance

6. Advanced gravity sensor design in the LED cabinets, pictures can be auto-rotated along with the LED cabinet.

The following is the essence:


Once upon a time, we buy a rental led display to consider the size, price, pixel pitch. Bad showing effect is no matter, only if no dead lamp; people don’t care heavy weight, even  they had carried 960*960mm cabinet before; they don’t care about poor work either, after all, its "small pixel pitch", what they  really care is “cheap”.

I am not for whom, all led industry are like this.

And the “NET” series recently received the international industrial design Oscar reputation of the German IF International Design Award.


“NET” series: smooth, beautiful, convenient, but also discount 10%

 If the network in 2017 did not become the best-selling of rental LED display, did not win 80 million orders throughout the year, Will I forgive her?

I will, I will ask you, "Do you know how hard she is?"

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