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P6 Outdoor Led Display Case At Bicycle Qinghai Lake Race

2017.05.21 chipshow

  Installation Site: The Bicycle Qinghai Lake Race,Qinghai,China.
  Pixel Pitch: 6mm
  Product Model: Black King kong LED Display  AK6
  Size: 43㎡
  Chipshow  Provides Outdoor Led Display At The Bicycle Qinghai Lake Race, The Product Model Is P6 With Total Area Of 43 Square Meters.The Led Screen, Which Rises From The Top Of The Car, Has A 360-Degree Spin And Eye-Catching, Also Adds A Lot Of Color To The Publicity And Promotion Of The Bicycle Qinghai Lake Race And Sports Events.Therefore, Cctv5 Sports Channel Also Devoted To The Chipshow Outdoor Led Display With Vehicle-Mounted, Called It "The Present Domestic Only The Sharpness Of The Highest, The Biggest Led Screen With Vehicle-Mounted".

P6 Outdoor Led Display Case-1.jpg

P6 Outdoor Led Display Case-2.jpg

P6 Outdoor Led Display Case-3.jpg

P6 Outdoor Led Display Case-4.jpg

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