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  • C-Sharp4

    Black King kong LED Display:Cabinet size is 960mmx960mm,the seams are reduced more than 50% and smoothness increases by leaps and bounds.Simplify the installation and maintenance: If familiar with one, you should master the whole. This can reduce the difficulty of marketing, engineering, training, maintenance and can reduce the workload.Standard production in a faster and more flexible way is possible because we have reserved standard general cabinets and the shipment can also be made rapidly.

  • C-Pad1.9

    Leopard Series:The first front maintenance design for HD Indoor series in the world.Fast plug-in/plug-out,Perfect 16:9 format,Four cabinets screen is exact 55”No need steel frame, mounted to the wall directly.Same video source as LCD;Power supply and control card can be replaced in front after you attract modules out.

  • C-Easy8

    Dule-maintenance LED Display:Front or rear maintenance option,Energy Saving≥50%, Environment Protection,Free Back Service Path, Excellent Display Effect,IP65, Fast Installation and Maintenance,Flat and Backup Solution

2017 Chipshow CPSE concluded with perfect ending

2017.11.22 chipshow

  On the 16th Exhibition on Pubic Safety and Security which concluded in the early November,  Chipshow led display has got lots of praise. Within less than two weeks after the exhibition ended, Chipshow signed a small pixel pitch contract valued at 4.7 million through the negotiation at the exhibition, and our P1.58 was sold directly at the scene.


 Following-up orders for small pixel pitch are negotiating, Shenzhen Chip Optech Co,.Ltd  small pixel pitch led display Leopard series has occupied a certain market share through its own excellent quality.


  Small pixel pitch -Leopard Series:

  Small pixel pitch led display adopts high density and small pixel encapsulate led as display panel, which support seamless splicing of the whole screen to form a high resolution digital display system. More widely used in broadcast, command and control, video surveillance and conference room, which fully meet the requirements of high definition. It represents the latest trend of indoor display technology, and leads the development trend of indoor display technology with its excellent performance.


  Outdoor HD P3.47 led display:

  Standard modules of Black King Kong series, which makes more easlier to update the smaller pixel pitch after using many years. Increase the secondary marketing opportunities and maintain a good customer relationship. It adopts modular design with low cost for installation and maintenance which also support hot-plug. And its broadcast colors, adjustable color temprature and brightness, good color uniformity and contrast ratio contribute to the smooth and delightful visual effect.


  2017 CPSE has cone to an end at 1st November, what new product will be presented to you next year? Let’s look forward to ISE 2018 Netherlands.

  Time:         6th February -9th February 2018

  Address:      Amsterdam Art Fair ‧ The Netherlands

  Booth number: 8-E290

  Remember the time for our next date! Believe Chipshow will bring you more surprises! See you there!


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