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    NET series Led Display:Power supplies and receiving cards can be replaced separately and quickly, even in 1 second.The LED cabinet can be maintained separately with power off, without affecting the work of other cabinets. Fast lock connection, quick and convenient,Capable of self lock, connection and fine tuning,Curve angle -15º ~15º

ISE Netherlands 2018, see you there !

2018.02.05 chipshow

 ISE Netherlands 2018, see you there !

 Integrated systems Europe 2018(referred as ISE Netherlands) is Europe’s premier annual AV and Integration trade show. It is one of the leading Integration trade shows organized by InfoComm International and The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association jointly, which represents the most influential and authoritative organizations in this industry.


 Integrate will be held at RAI exhibition center located in Amsterdam from 6th to 9th Feb 2018. Thanks to the tireless efforts and innovation of our R&D team, two newly developed products( P6.67 smart LED display and P25 outdoor LED curtain screen) will be presented to the show at booth 8-E290 and we are warmly welcome to your visit!


 P25 outdoor full color LED curtain screen.



 1.Light and transparent  13.5kgs/㎡,easy for installation and maintenance, cost effective and no need of the structure.

 2.High transparency     63% transparency with better views making the images more vivid

 3.24 hours working    applicable to most environment ( such as low and high temperature, high humidity etc)

 4.front and rear maintenance   dual maintenance making the product more applicable

 5.No structure    no need of the structure for installation making the screen much lighter

 P6.67 smart led display



 1.all-in-one design, replacing the traditional cabinet, more cost-effective

 2.Super thin modular, convenient for wall-mounted project. Front and rear accessible making future maintenance easier.

 3.Special dark mask design making high contrast

 4.640mm*320mm modular design making the whole screen more flat

 5.Constant current driving, 1/6 driving method

 6.High brightness reaching to 5500cd/sqm , excellent for light distribution curve and high conformity of angle

 7.IP65 waterproof

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