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Congratulations on CHIPSHOW has authorized by U.S. Patent again

2018.04.04 chipshow

  In the past few days, CHIPSHOW has received the patent certificate issued by the U.S. Patent and the head of trademark office, grant “SMALL-SPACING PRE-MAINTENANCE LED DISPLAY SCREEN” this invention patent right, the patent No.: US 20160348854A1, the date of authorized proclamation: December 1st, 2016. The patent authorization is shown below:

led display patent

  This patent was applied to the international patent office in 2015 and granted an international stage review conclusion with “novelty, advancement and utility”, and entered the U.S. national stage application on December 18th, 2015. It took one year to get this authorization. It’s the second authorized U.S. invention patent for CHIPSHOW.

  CHIPSHOW Small-Spacing Product——Leopard Series Small-Spacing LED Display is exactly the product launched by this patent.

fine pixel pitch led display

  As a LED display company dedicated to scientific innovation and technological upgrade,CHIPSHOW has attached great importance to R&D, innovation and investment since established in 2001, and focuses on the protection and management of intellectual property rights and actively advocates the establishment of a favorable market environment for protecting intellectual property rights, actively fulfill enterprise responsibility and society responsibility for respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Meanwhile, CHIPSHOW is committed to ensuring its independent intellectual property rights by legal means if it is infringed upon by others. CHIPSHOW is accumulatively granted 2 U.S. invention patents until now.

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