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    Leopard Series:The first front maintenance design for HD Indoor series in the world.Fast plug-in/plug-out,Perfect 16:9 format,Four cabinets screen is exact 55”No need steel frame, mounted to the wall directly.Same video source as LCD;Power supply and control card can be replaced in front after you attract modules out.

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    Ventilation LED Display:Ventilated & Light-proof, Energy Saving≥50%,4 Types Standardlized LED Module, Excellent Display Effect,IP67, Fast Installation and Maintenance,Firm, Flat and Backup Solution.

New upgrade of C-Fit series, becoming the first choice for overseas customers

2018.08.28 chipshow

  New upgrade of C-Fit series, becoming the first choice for overseas customers


  After the launch of the C-Fit series outdoor display of Chipshow,One southeast client purchase more than 5000sqm. The main reason for customers' favor is mainly its lighter and thinner characteristics: 15 kg/m2 lighter than conventional iron cabinet, 20% thinner than conventional cabinets, which Save transportation space, reduce transportation weight and reduce load-bearing requirements for construction and steel structures.


  C-Fit series outdoor P4


  After breaking through the weight limit of the outdoor cabinet, the C-Fit series has been significantly improved in precision, waterproof and stitching speed.


  C-Fit outdoor P8


  This project fully considers the ultra-light and ultra-thin features of the C-Fit series, and adopts a hoisting structure, so that the large screen can be perfectly integrated with the building.


  C-Fit series cabinets can be more compatible with other accessories, in addition to the advertising screen, Mount the base it becomes stadium screen, mount hanging beam,it is rental screen.



  The new C-Fit products have achieved such results thanks to the tireless improvement of the quality of Chipshow. The newly upgraded C-Fit series is stocked in large quantities and delivered to overseas customers in the shortest possible time.

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