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    Leopard Series:The first front maintenance design for HD Indoor series in the world.Fast plug-in/plug-out,Perfect 16:9 format,Four cabinets screen is exact 55”No need steel frame, mounted to the wall directly.Same video source as LCD;Power supply and control card can be replaced in front after you attract modules out.

Chipshow C-Pad series small spacing products won the Gold Award

2018.10.25 chipshow

  2018 The Beauty of Made In China presentation - Chipshow optech C-Pad series small spacing products won the Gold Award.


  CESI super HD product Authorizedcertificate;


  "Invention patent of a kind of connection lock on the LED screen";


  "Invention patent of A kind oflink rod between the small spacing front maintaining led screens ".


  "A kind of small spacingfront maintenance LED cabinet and module and its disassembly method" invention patent;


  Following these awards, the LeopardC-Pad small-pitch LED display gained another huge honor- won the Golden Award of The Beauty of Made in China, which is the recognition to the core technology and industrial design of Chipshow optech Leopard C-Pad series



  On the afternoon of 17thOctober2018,The Beauty of Made-in-China Award Ceremony and the Global Press Conference for superior products were held at the Westin Hotel of the Canton Fair. The China Industrial Design Association and the Guangdong Cross-border Electronic Commerce Industry Association tegether witnessed this glorious moment. Some of the award-winning products were also showed at the ceremony.


  Chipshow optech leopard C-Pad series small spacing screen won the Golden Award in this selection.


  On the spotshowsthe product which won the golden award.



  The Leopard C-Pad series small-spacing LED screen which introduced by Chipshow Optech in 2015 that is stable quality, mature, pixel spacing is small, high definition, widely used in police, procuratorate, court, monitoring and command center and other high-end indoor display applications, and won the unanimous approval of customers, gradually replacing the originalDLP and LCD display,and has became the mainstream product in the display application field.



 Chipshow Optech continues to invest in high-definition display researching and developing, Leopard small spacing products have been widely recognized by the Performing Arts industry, system integration industry after launching.


  Strict selection of professional judges, excellent quality and outstanding products stand out.


  The selection that TheBeautyof Made In China is held annually. This year is the eighth year. It face to all enterprises that engaged in domestic manufacturing in China, design institutes and colleges To collect products, and invite domestic industrial design masters, senior purchasers and well-known experts and, to conduct multi-dimensional reviews from the perspectives of manufacturing process, innovation value, human-computer interaction, safety compliance, aesthetic effects, etc. to help enterprises better understand Their own products, get a greater promotion, with their professional, "picky" selection criteria to select outstanding products that made in China and then carry out a wide range of publicity and promotion at home and abroad.


  The picture shows Gao Jiafeng, the marketing manager of Chipshow optech .


  I believe that in the indoor high-definition display market, more and more customers will choose excellent industrial design, excellent manufacturing process, excellent display effect products, the leopard C-Pad small space  screen will be more and more recognized by professional customers.

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