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The Principle of transparent led screen

2018.11.21 chipshow

  Everyone in the Korean Winter Olympics should know about an event. The 2022 Winter Olympics will be relayed by Beijing.The bright point of the PinChang Winter Olympics is the transparent screen of "Eight Minutes of Beijing ". So what is a transparent screen? It is another name for the LED transparent screen, the nickname of the LED transparent screen.


  The principle of the transparent screen


  It is composed of the light strips with the beading on it, which greatly reduces the block of the the structural components to the line of sight. The permeability can reach more than 75%, which maximizes the  effect of the perspective. That is the best indoor display device.


  The transparent screen has a novel and unique display effect. When the viewer is watching at an ideal distance, the picture is suspended on the glass and does not affect the original lighting function of the glass.


  Moreover, LED transparent screen is worthy of recognition, modular design, free DIY design, new structural design, satisfy the requirements of lifting and vertical installation, meet the needs of  Indoor and Outdoor ; and ultra-light, weight is only about 15KG, single People can lift it easily ;


  P25 LED trip screen is characterized by high transparency and high brightness. The solution of the ultra-long light bar power supply ensures that the curtain wall of glass has good visibility and lighting performance. The design of the power supply box that has the characteristics silent, noise-free ,the device of  high-brightness ensures that it can be viewed outdoors as a curtain wall screen. It is mainly used in shopping malls, exhibition halls, automobile 4S shops, exhibition centers, curtain walls of the shopping mall .

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