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A special trendy third-generation fine-pitch C-Pad-U

2019.04.02 chipshow

  In recent years, the LED display industry has developed very rapidly. And the fine pitch with seamless high-definition display has a rapid momentum. Industry technology and market demand are constantly improving. Chipshow is also developing continuously. The recently launched small-pitch "C-Pad-U" series has new technological breakthroughs and innovations in customer installation, maintenance and application.


  Golden ratio 16:9


  The cabinet, designed for command and control and the security monitoring screen, are featured to be 16:9, which can easily replace the traditional display device of 4:3 or 16:9.


  4-in-1 LED package


  Four-in-one LED packaging technology, single LED pad is four times of conventional LED lamp, and the adsorption force is greatly enhanced, which solves the problem of easy collision of fine-pitch LED bumps.


  Innovative structural design, more flexible installation and maintenance


  The display module and the adapter board adopt a board-to-board connection mode, and the connection among modules adopt an upper and lower wireless connection manner. The exterior cabinet is completely wireless. Both the back frame installation and wall mounting can be used to fit more project sites. Modules, controller cards, power supplies and other accessories support front access. And both signals and power supplies can be backed up. Modular design, low installation and maintenance cost, fast speed; patented cooling technology, no fan, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection.


  High implementation efficiency


  The module and the cabinets are packaged separately, and the on-site construction is more efficient.


  Chipshow C-Pad U series fine-pitch LED display technology is stable and mature, with fine pixel pitch and high definition. It is widely used in high-end indoor display applications such as public security, procuratorate, court, monitoring and command center. As the world's leading provider of LED display solutions, with its leading innovation and development capabilities, it provides the most suitable LED display products for customers around the world.

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