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Chipshow C-Smart Open new era for theater screen without frame

2019.04.25 chipshow

  Today we are going to watch movie?


  Nice, Which one?


  From rank and rates ,(************)


  We will book tickets on Meituan


  Ok, I will book it.Above dialogue, It has become a daily routine for many viewers before watching  movie


  Today, the theater has developed with online and offline channels, and the offline promotion include a variety of pre-screen advertisements, position advertisements, title theaters, theme activities, etc.



  Booking ticket via app is for target audience; the positional propaganda captures the random audience, and the advantages still exist. Whether the radom audience watch movies or not, And which movive to watch depend on what is being shown on the led display. They are also the main audience for the theater.



  Chipshow Outdoor Digital Poster in Europe


  Chipshow C-Smart led display is aimed at high-end and high definition application situation. It is fully waterproof outdoor.It can achieve small-area outdoor high-definition display, satisfying the broadcasting of the film propaganda film  Which shows on the exterior wall of the theater, attracting more viewers to enter the theater. Because of full waterproof, the installation require simple steel structure and can be total 100% front maintenance



  Film propaganda is the basic disc for cinema offline drainage, and it is also the feature of the cinema. If the cinema scene is linked to the movie, it is a unique weapon. The newly released cinema poster screen by Chipshow has greatly effect on the promotion of cinema, improving  attendance rate, and helping the theater to realize the flow.

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