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High effective in Rental business with Chipshow C-Lite-D

2019.05.09 chipshow

  April 30, 2019 . Chipshow New Product Announcement was held in Chipshow’s show room . Sales department ,marketing department and technology support department attended this  Announcement .



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  C-Lite-D is the fourth generation rental product which developed by Chipshow .There are much more breakthrough and innovation in installation ,maintenance, and performance .


  C-lite-D Cabinet


  A, Power supply , receiving card can plug independently.


  B, Multifunctional fast lock ,  fast , convenient , and simple . At the same time , +10º ~-10º Curved fast lock is available ,which meet more users requirements .



  C, designed with anti-collision platform at bottom of the cabinet,  direction pin enable precise alignment.



  D, 500x500mm Aluminum cabinet, Pretty appearance ,strong ,and assemble and disassemble . front maintenance is available for Indoor use product , achieve all kind of occasion .


  E,available: indoor & outdoor P2.6, P 2.97, P3.91 .P4.8


  As a profissional LED display manufaturar , Chipshow has been producing in a steady and pragmatic attitude, providing high-quality products to customers, and constantly innovating to provide the most professional and complete solutions in the industry to solve the actual problems for customers, meet customers actual demands.

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