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Multi-culture and commercial complex practical choice -Chipshow C-pad-U

2019.05.14 chipshow

  The culture industry commercial complex is based on cultural production, focused on featuring cultural experience, cultural leisure and cultural business. Creative industry as extension, cooperated with exhibition business.  and administrative office, integrated commerce, other service industries, and residential complementarity. Integration of pan-cultural industries。



  Extending consumer stay time is a more valuable option for most complexes. The creation of artistic atmosphere and the creation of net red scenes mean the infinite expansion of consumable scenes, so substantial content and projects are the most important.



  For example, the shopping-mall cultural and commercial complex will become mainstream in the future, such as bookstores, dessert shops, cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, and art centers, are rich stream of content that will continue to rise



  Chipshow C-Pad-U upgrades new structure for the needs of installation environment of small pixel pitch product



  The display module and the adapter board adopt a board-to-board connection mode, and the module and the module adopt an upper and lower wireless connection manner. The cabinet is completely wireless, and the back frame installation and wall mounting can be used to fit more project sites. Modules, receiving cards, power supplies and other accessories support front maintenance, and both signals and power supplies can be backed up. Modular design, low installation and maintenance cost,  patented cooling technology, no fan, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection.


  1.Setting a scene and creating an atmosphere


  2. The setting of scenes in the new era, with a focus on competing for passenger flow time, will try every means to extend the stay time of consumers. The longer the consumer stays in the product, the higher the realized and the amount of consumption. Merchants can use small-pitch displays for brand presentations, event performances, new releases etc.




  2 Solving the demand and enriching the choice.


  In recent years, consumers' needs have become more and more subdivided, and fragmented, multi-style, multi-scene, and composite scenes have been favored by young consumers, and offline consumption scenes have received more and more attention. For example, a restaurant advertisement can be played during a meal period, and a clothing advertisement played at other times.



  I believe that with the help of Chipshow latest small-pitch products, young people will like to go these places.

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