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C-Smart Open new era for screen without frame

2019.05.17 chipshow

  C-Smart is a product independently developed by our company. The C-Smart can be assembled into a display without frame.  module size is 640*320mm, ultra-thin design, wall-mounted, front and rear maintenance, IP65 waterproof level


  Chipshow C-Smart fixed installation application


  C-Smart is like building blocks and bricks. It can be flexible in various applications, such as fixed installation and wall mounted. It can also be used as perimeter screen with bracket and pillow..


  Chipshow C-Smart installation places


  One Module,Only 3.55kg


  Thickness is only 6.5cm


  Thinnest and lightest alternative to the entire display industry


  Three Main Advantages:


  Saving Steel structure cost


  Reducing cabinet cost


  Zero screen wrapping cost


  Chipshow C-Smart Perimeter installation


  C-Smart screen with brackets and pillows can be used as sports perimeter led display. The module + frame + central control box can be installed independently, and all the accessories can be replaced with a screwdriver,   Fast maintenance

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