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China International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition "C-Pad-U" is highly favored

2019.05.29 Chipshow

  On May 27th, 2019, the 13th China International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition of ITS Asia 2019 opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.



  On the first day of the exhibition, the audiences on the booth were full of excitement. The C-Pad-U, a 4 in 1 fine pixel pitch LED display in the booth side screen traffic control, has won high praise from customers for its display effect, flatness and cost performance.



  C-Pad-U is the third-generation fine pixel pitch product independently developed by our company. The four-in-one LED packaging technology, the single LED pad is four times than the conventional LED lamp, the adsorption force is greatly enhanced, which solve the problem of what the fine pixel pitch LED bump is easily damaged.



  Innovative structural design, more flexible installation and maintenance: modules, system cards, power supplies and other accessories support front maintenance, signal and power supply can be double backup. Modular design, low installation and maintenance cost, fast speed; patented cooling technology, no fan, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection.


  At the exhibition, a number of customers have reached preliminary cooperation intentions with Chipshow Optoelectronics. Chipshow Optoelectronics will continue to provide customers with the most competitive products and excellent product quality.



  The exhibition will last for two more days. Please stay tuned with more excitement. You are welcome to visit the exhibition, booth number A 7AG16.

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