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    Dule-maintenance LED Display:Front or rear maintenance option,Energy Saving≥50%, Environment Protection,Free Back Service Path, Excellent Display Effect,IP65, Fast Installation and Maintenance,Flat and Backup Solution

Good news! Chipshow C-Easy Products Overseas Bid Winning

2019.06.18 Chipshow

Recently, Chipshow European sales received an order from Spanish customers. According to the customer's project situation, our sales and R&D engineers have successfully communicated and negotiated with the customer, and successfully gave a high-quality solution to satisfy the customer.


The picture shows the customer installing the led display for the exterior wall of a five-star hotel.

Customers chose the C-Easy P6.67 outdoor LED display, which is a patent product of Chipshow.  The product can be fully front access maintenance, and both the receiving card and the power supply can be removed from the front. At the same time, the screen brightness has been improved to fully adapt to the customer's on-site installation environment.

As a professional manufacturer of LED display industry, Chipshow has been producing in a steady and pragmatic manner, providing customers with high-quality products, and constantly innovating to provide the most professional and complete solutions in the industry, and truly solve the actual problems for customers demand.

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