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Chipshow C-Lite lights up the church, making the ancient and solemn even more resplendent

2019.06.28 CHIPSHOW

On April, Chipshow C-lite P3.91 LED rental led display lights up in a North America  church. During operation, the LED display performance very stable and very good show effect, there is no any dead lamp at all, which makes the customer can’t stop praise this product.


Picture is Chipshow C-Lite P3.91 North America  church project

C-Lite can be recognized by North American church customers mainly because of  high cost performance and three major advantages:

  1. C-Lite series varieties of pixel pitch can support upgrades;


2, C-Lite series adopt 6H display technology, low brightness and higher gray scale which has more brilliant display effect.


3, C-Lite modular maintenance

Module and cabinet connected by sockets, wireless, providing customers with simple and efficient maintenance way.


Chipshow C-Lite Rental LED display Colorful your Events !

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