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    Leopard Series:The first front maintenance design for HD Indoor series in the world.Fast plug-in/plug-out,Perfect 16:9 format,Four cabinets screen is exact 55”No need steel frame, mounted to the wall directly.Same video source as LCD;Power supply and control card can be replaced in front after you attract modules out.

Paris College Conference Hall was light up by C-Pad

2019.07.19 chipshow

  Since the launch of Chipshow C-Pad with ultra-fine pixel pitch series, it has attracted countless attentions.From the design concept of products to the practical application, it has received unanimous praise from customers. Our company's conference hall project in a college in Paris has been running steadily for more than one year. It is mainly used for various conferences, teaching, training and academic discussions,etc.



  The picture shows a project of a college in Paris by C-Pad.


  The led display in Paris is our C-Pad P2.5. The fully magnetic front service structure saves manpower and material resources for later maintenance, and the low-brightness and high-ash effect achieves high contrast in sharp mode. At the same time, it also reflects the original intention of the product design, that is, a reasonable and efficient media.



  The picture shows a project of a college in Paris by C-Pad.


  High-precision production, rigorous and responsible working attitude, manufacturing by Chipshow, will be a boutique!

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