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Chipshow Rental C-Lite-D

2019.08.19 Chipshow

  Recently, Chipshow indoor HD rental screen C-Lite-D P2.6 goods has been finished, And aging in the workshop.


chipshow C-Lite-D

  C-Lite-D is the fourth-generation rental product, It has achieved breakthroughs and innovations ,Especially in maintenance and use. Cool design, modular signal and power control, power supply and receiving card integrated in the back cover of the cabinet ,which can be independently plugged in and plugged out; the bottom of the cabinet is designed with anti-collision base, side pin for accurate alignment; inner and outer Arc are available, with 5 seconds fast installation; 500 * 500 aluminum alloy cabinet with indoor maintenance


  After receiving the screen aging video from our business colleagues, customer was very satisfied with showing effect. The display will be used in a series of important large-scale leasing activities in Spain, which indicates a potential trend of rental smallest pixel in spain.


chipshow C-Lite-D

  Chipshow try best to satisfying customers requirements, And Providing full service  all over the world.

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