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Chipshow|Releasing new commercial LED display-C-MAX

2019.09.10 Chipshow

  In response to the ever-increasing demand for LED display in commercial field, Chipshow launched the C-MAX commercial LED display and held a new product launch in showroom on Sep 2nd,2019.


  C-MAX series is optimized in many aspects, and it is especially suitable for various commercial display scenarios.


  1. The cabinet is made of magnesium alloy, light weighted (only 7.5kg), thin and beautiful. The module is fully front maintenance and can be directly mounted on the wall, saving time and space.



  2.Perfect PCB design and high-end IC selection, achieving high gray, high refresh and high brightness, stability of the product is greatly improved.


  3.The cabinet adopts internal wiring and very simple, which perfectly realizes the splicing of the cabinet. Good heat dissipation, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection.



  Chipshow commercial solutions are widely used in conference halls, shops, airports, subways, studios, command and control, etc., creating value for customers in all walks of life. The company will continue to innovate and upgrade, and integrate advanced technology to lead the era of small pixel pitch.

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