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Chipshow LED display gives Romanian million concerts a new vitality

2019.09.19 Chipshow

  As people's aesthetics of art continue to improve, the demand for music has begun to develop in a comprehensive direction of audio-visual integration. Music has been inseparable from the magical beauty stage. The stage LED screen has also become an indispensable part of the concert, music festival, etc.



  On 9th September , 2019, a charity performance - a million concert was successfully held in Suceava, Romania. The center and both sides of the stage use Chipshow C-Lite P4.81 outdoor rental led display with an area of nearly 200m2.



  Chipshow C-Lite Rental LED screen have higher flatness and greatly reduce the gap. The whole led display image has a high refresh rate, HD image quality, and high contrast. specially designed for occasions where the stage and TV station that demanding extremely high. Not only can it withstand the picture capture of professional cameras, but also for large-scale music events, it can also ensure that the rear and off-angle viewers can view the picture remotely and without deviation.



  Chipshow is the leader in the application of stage LED display. With its excellent strength, it is shining on the stage, music festivals and concerts around the world, making music more visual, conceptual and integrated.

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