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Chipshow gets to a new level with its HD P3 LED Display at LED China 2014 in Gua

2017.02.13 Chipshow
  LED China 2014 in Guangzhou was concluded yesterday with success. A series of live activities, like Auto show, lottery drawing, hot dances and so on, well prepared by the exhibitor companies, has impressed the visitors at the show. Among other things, Chipshow teamed up with Macroblock to execute a lottery drawing activity called “scan QR code, win giveaway”, which caught eyes of the show.


Chipshow booth at the show

    For this activity, Chipshow came with lots of valuable give-away prizes. There were BEATS headphone, SONY mobile power, and creative racecar USB flash. Once the visitors scaned the QR code showed on the HD P3 LED display by Chipshow, they could join this lottery drawing activity.

    According to the show planner, this activity was executed on 24th and 25th, starting at 1:30PM. Most of visitors showed their interest and came around to join. One of them won the big prize.

    Chipshow presented a HD P3 indoor LED display to the visitors at the show. This LED display comes with die-casting aluminum cabinet in size of 480mm*480mm each and every module in size of 240mm*240mm. What’s more, it is armed with a high configuration that adopts the newest S-PWM chipset by Macroblock and 2020 black LEDs, which contributes to a high refresh rate up to 2800Hz and 1/16 constant current driving method. All these things no doubt made this LED display the most top class LED display in the line of P3 HD LED display.

Chipshow salesperson in conversation with clients

    Chipshow won the reputations with its superior LED display at the show of LED China 2014 in Guangzhou. With unique demonstration of different LED display ranges, visitors were able to enjoy the pictures of world’s beautiful scenery via the HD LED display by Chipshow and it indeed drew most attention of domestic and abroad clients. The clients who comes with inquiries has been served sincerely by the Chipshow sales team with passionate attitude and the best LED display solution.

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