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New Generation of C-fit is more Outstanding

2019.09.27 CHIPSHOW

  With the rapid development of the LED display industry, the industry technology and market demand continue to improved. Chipshow  By virtue of leading technology and quick market response. Recently Chipshow launched "C-Fit" second-generation outdoor high-definition LED display.Which won the recognition and praise of many customers.



  What are the new breakthroughs and innovations of the second generation C-Fit ?


  Chipshow’s the second-generation of C-Fit with magnesium alloy cabinet is thinner, lighter and more exquisite.


  The anti-collision platform design around the cabinet protects the module to the maximum extent; Chipshow developed the double-flow negative pressure cooling system independently. At present ,the technologies of the cooling system is one of the most reasonable and effective heat-dissipating technologies in the outdoor cabinets, it can quickly discharge the heat out the cabinet perfectly , silently and stably. .The waterproof rating is higher which can reach to lP65. Chipshow have strict quality controls on every processes to do the every details perfect.



  The C-Fit series is cost-effective : it can be used for fixed installation for advertising; Add trusses, connectors and quick locks can be used for rental; with rubber sleeves and brackets can be used for stadium perimeter screens. Widely used in sports stadiums, commercial applications, banks, terminals, shopping malls, stations, schools, enterprises and other ocassions.



  Chipshow’s current products are mainly divided into C-Fit series, C-Easy series, high-definition rental screen C-Lite-D series, and small-pitch C-Pad-U series. The company is committed to providing high quality, high performance LED application products and solutions for professional channel customers and end customers domestic  and abroad.

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