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Chipshow | C-Lite-D and C-Smart Europe Tour

2019.11.19 led display

  This trip to Europe mainly visited Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona cities, All kinds of shape and colorful led display can be found everywhere in Lisbon's shopping malls.



  There are many indoor fixed projects but also a good rental business in Portugal. Customers are very satisfied with the quality and display effect of our C-Lite and C-Lite-D rental led display. Some customers bought it for events, some bought it for fixed installation.



  In Madrid, you can feel the blend of classic and modern, numerous shopping malls made Madrid looks so flourishing, like a shopping paradise in Europe. Due to the large number of shopping malls, various of led display in Madrid city center dazzling everyone, almost all the clothing stores installed led screens with very good show effect.



  We had some meeting with professional strong led display company in Madrid, they have rich experiences on led display business, very understanding of the structure and price of led display. The C-Lite-D P2.97 outdoor rental cabinet that we showed to customers got highly recognition, also clients likes the design of Chipshow C-Smart. Some customers will come to China soon to inspect Chipshow factory and discuss cooperation matters.



  C-Lite D Rental LED Display



  C-Smart LED Display


  Compared to Madrid, Barcelona's led display is much less, mostly small curtain led screens. The demand for indoor and semi-outdoor screens is relatively large. Customers are very demanding on the quality of led display and are very interested in our C-Pad-U finest pitch series.



  In the haste of rushing hours, we ended our more than half month business trip, which was a great and happy way to harvest orders, harvest agents, and discover potential customers. After this journey, we returned back to our Chipshow Netherlands branch office. We saw that the warehouse has been filled with new inventory of C-Lite-D indoor and outdoor rental led screens, which quickly met the market demand. I believe that our European sales team will sell more orders before Christmas.



  Chipshow Netherlands warehouse

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