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Product SpecificationC-Easy8

●Pixel pitch: 8mm

●Refresh rate: 1920Hz

●Brightness: ≥5500 CD/㎡

●Cabinet Size:960*960mm

●Cabinet Weight: 50kg

Front or rear maintenance option

Front or rear maintenance option, realizing module, power supply and receiving card front or rear maintenance, saving your maintenance cost.

Energy Saving≥50%, Environment Protection

Adopt top high brightness with low power consumption LED lamp,energy saving≥30%, if adopt 28 kinds of main patent technique, entire energy saving ≥50%, environment protection.

Pioneer in outdoor mature HD LED Display, all advanced specifications 2 years earlier than others, successful cases around the world.

Free Back Service Path, Excellent Display Effect

Adopt dual service of black kingkong series among core techniques, free back service path for all kinds of installation surroundings.

Broadcast level color scale, color temperature and brightness adjustable intelligentizedly, smooth color, high color ratio, nature pictures.

IP65, Fast Installation and Maintenance

IP65 for modules, meets outdoor naked installtion requirements.

Design based on module, which saves installation and maintenance cost, fast speed, maintenance with power on.

Flat and Backup Solution

Dark black surface,firm and flat, anti-UV module parts, which guarantees screen in firm shape.

Power supplier and control system, backup solution is available to guarantee.

Camera optional, Lan cable, 3G, WIFI, Multi-control, ethernet for data transmittance options.

Application places

Ideal for outdoor advertisement media, government & enterprise project culture & tourism, sports, propaganda image, commercial real estate

Products seriesC-Easy8
Pixel Pitch(mm)8mm
Pixel density(dots/㎡)15625     
LED encapsulationSMD3535
Driving method1/4
Resulution of module 
Module size(mm) 320X320
Cabinet size(mm)960X960
Material of cabinet lron
Weight of cabinet(kg)50
 Working voltage(v) 5
Max.consumption(w/㎡) 762
Ave.consumption(w/㎡ ) 300
Brightness(nit) ≥5500
Color temperature6500K   
View angle120°
Refresh rate(hz)1920
Working temaperatuer-20℃ ~+50℃ 
Control system、System supportsIP65 / IP54
Grey / scale13bit

 Solution Features 

Outdoor Advertising use, applicable to stadium, commercial purpose, bank, stock market, savings,quay, shopping mall, bus station, telecommunication, police, monitor, school,restaurant,hotel, pub, firm, ect.

Technical Features

1.Universal module size: 320*320mm; Screw holes of the modules are at the same size and position

2.Universal module compatible to same cabinets, shorten production lead time. Customers can take the same cabinets when changing different pitch products with the same steel structure.

3.Product is high brightness, high refresh, high IP rating, applicable to outdoor media and advertisement occassions.

  System  Diagram 



Product model:C-Easy8


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