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Product SpecificationC-Fit

Pixel pitch: 4,5,6.67,8,10mm

Brightness: 6000~9000CD/㎡

Cabinet Size: 960mm*960mm

Cabinet material: Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Weight: 28.5±0.5kg

Standard Modules

P3 to P20 outdoor modules available

Magnesium alloy Cabinet,Thinner and lighter

15 kg/m2 lighter and 20% thinner than iron cabinet,saving transportation space,reducing delivery weight and bearing requirements of buildings and steel structures.


Fixed installation for advertisement,adding flying bar,connectors and fast lock for rental,adding rubber cushion and bracket for perimeter display.

Higher precision

CNC process,contour tolerance ±0.1mm,planeness tolerance<0.5mm,integral moulding,indeformable,fast assembly.

 Solution Features 

Outdoor Advertising use, applicable to stadium, commercial purpose, bank, stock market, savings,quay, shopping mall, bus station, telecommunication, police, monitor, school,restaurant,hotel, pub, firm, ect.

Technical Features

1.Universal module size: 320*160mm; Screw holes of the modules are at the same size and position

2.Universal module compatible to same cabinets, shorten production lead time. Customers can take the same cabinets when changing different pitch products with the same steel structure.

3.Product is high brightness, high refresh, high IP rating, applicable to outdoor media and advertisement occassions.

  System  Diagram 



Product model:C-Fit


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