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Product SpecificationC-Smart

Pixel pitch: 6.67,10mm

Brightness: 6000~8000CD/㎡

Panel Size: 1280mm*960mm

Panel Material:Iron

Panel Weight:40kg

Fully modular design

Full modular design 1’*2’ for easy assembly and repair;

Lightweight:weight of modules is 3.55kg/pcs;

Don't need space on the back for maintenance,it can save space of 800-1000mm than normal back maintenance screen;

Quick setup

use fast locks and connectors for fast installation,no screws needed power cable and net cable 2 in 1.

No cabinet design

Only need a simple frame to hold the modules,which can reduce a large cost of installation;

Front and rear access

Customized sub-frame ensures fast service and installation..

Double layer

High degree of protection: IP65 rating for front and rear;

Application places

Ideal for outdoor advertisement media, government  enterprise project culture  tourism, sports, propaganda image, commercial real estate.

Product model:C-Smart


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